X-Shape Physique Workout Program

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Don´t waiste your time in the  gym by doing it wrong! This ultimate hourglass and fatburning program gives you the X-shaped physique you have always wanted! With only 5 workouts a week!

In this program package you´ll get 2 upper body programs and 3 under body programs. All off the 5 workouts through the week is diffrent to each other, witch means that the muscle gets shocket  from exercise to exercise and from session to session, but the program is still easy to remember. 

The program also contains my personal recomendations for fatloss if you want to dropp body fat faster and build muscle at the same time.

It`s a guide inside with explenation about how you should train and everything else you need to know about training, planning and nutrition advice.

- Cardio recommendations and advices for the ultimate fat burning and fat loss of choice is also included.

You will:

  • Burn fat & build muscle
  • Build a X-shape physique
  • Minimize cellulites 
  • Get a stronger, tighter and leaner physique (more shredz)
  • Advices about training and nutrition
  • Burn between 200-1000 calories per exercise depending intensity


Program includes:

  • Good variations between light and heavy workouts
  • Good variations in exercises
  • Fitness and nutrition advices
  • Cardio recommendations for fat loss
  • Learn about how to make success in training
  • How to be mentally prepared before a workout
  • Artical  about my story and how i transformed my life from being a overweight crohns pasient to a healthy fitness model, athlete and an fitness and nutrition expert.



This 8 weeks Fitness X-Shape Training Program is for everyone who wants to build the perfect women hourglass physique. It containes exercises that build and tighten your physique on the right areas to get a x-shaped figure.  Follow the destructions on cardio recommendations if more fat loss effect is wanted. 

Best exercises that can be done to get the best results!

You don`t need to combine any other program with this program. This is everything you need. 


Challenge yourself with this unique exercises specially combined by Anne-Cathrine Westby to build a sexy hourglass physique.