Brazilian Booty Workout Program

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    Program designed by Fitness Champion Anne-Cathrine Westby.
    "This is the program I used to achieved my goals. I created this program when I lived in Miami and was prepping for my next IFBB show.
    In this workout program you will find all the best exercises you need to build a perfect peachy formed brazillian booty. In only 6 weeks you will se a clearly big difference on your physique. Follow instructions for cardio training for a moe shredded effect.
    Money back garante
    • Burn fat, build muscle & minimize cellulites (legs & booty in focus)
    • Build a peach formed brazillian booty
    • Get stronger, more shredded and a leaner physique (cardio instructions inside)
    • Burn up to 1000 calories per session depending on intensity
    • Get more knowledge about training and nutrition


    Program includes:

    • Good variations between light and heavy workouts
    • Good variations in exercises
    • Training and nutrition advices
    • Cardio recommendations and instruktions
    • Learn how to make success in training and how to be mentally prepared
    • Artical  about my story and how i transformed my life from being a overweight crohns pasient to a healthy fitness model, athlete and an fitness athlete and nutrition 


      This 6 weeks Booty Training program is for everyone who wants to build a bigger booty and learn the best exercises that can be done to achieve the BEST Results! You can simply buy this program and never look back on a tiny little booty again!

    Use this program alone or in combination with other programs.

    If you train this program only, you will get a more curvy peach formed physique, and  if you want a more hour glass physique, it`s recommended to combine it with a upper-body program


      Challenge yourself with this unique exercises specially combined by Anne-Cathrine Westby to build a bigger booty.